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Kenya National Academy of Sciences

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The Kenya government is committed to maintaining economic growth that creates jobs, protect human and ecological health and promotes conservation of natural resources for the future generation. This is also the expectation of the majority of Kenyan people.

These expectations can only be achieved through scientific research and technological development. Kenya's future development must be built on a strong foundation that maintains and enhances environmental quality while continuing to strengthen the nation's economy and security transition from commodity based economy to knowledge based economy. It is hoped that this shall enable economic growth and provide the people with security and improved quality of life.

To achieve these goals, investment in research and development must be directed and concentrated in areas where benefits will be optimized towards our greatest challenges and where paybacks will be largest. It is therefore the mission of Kenya National Academy of Science (KNAS) to promote acquisition, dissemination and application of scientific knowledge and technology for National development.



To mobilize the science community in the creation, maintenance and advancement of knowledge in all fields of human endeavor, to effectively inform policy, build capacity in research and innovation, and provide solutions to improve quality of life.

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To be a world class national professional organization for the promotion and effective utilization of science, technology and innovation for sustainable development.



Core Values

The Academy commits itself to promoting science and technology as a tool for national development.

Consequently and in pursuit of its Vision and Mission, the Academy pledges to embrace the following as its core values:

  • Uphold truth, integrity, honesty and accountability;
  • Nurture excellence, innovativeness and responsible professionalism;
  • Espouse the culture of tolerance and be sensitive to matters of equity;
  • Be at the forefront in providing scientific leadership through meritocracy.
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